Controlwork LLc

Mapping Services - ground control for aerial and pipeline surveys


Pipeline mapping - alignment of INS / IMU for pipeline surveys (and even mapping without an IMU). Pipeline Class Location Surveys - High consequence areas. Independent quality assurance / quality

control of Lidar, pipeline and other survey projects.

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Pipeline consultancy

About Our Company

We provide topographic survey services throughout the USA as well as overseas. We specialise in Aerial
and ground based laser scanning. We also provide pipeline mapping surveys. Controlwork LLc
is based in Houston, Texas but can and does work throughout USA and overseas.


Working Worldwide

We provide worldwide survey services.
Robotic total station for pipeline mapping
GPS, pipeline mapping

Survey Services

GPS mapping

Specialising in aerial mapping, airborne laser scanning, ALS, Lidar throughout USA. Based in Houston, Texas USA. Survey Services throughout the USA include:-
Topographic Transformations, GPS services Ground Control, Mapping Consultancy, Lidar support (For ALS - Aerial Laser Scanning), GIS Asset Inventory, Pipeline surveys Highway surveys Airport surveys Terrestrial laser scanning


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Terrestrial Laser Scanning complex plant

Controlwork LLc

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